Residential and Business

6Mbps $49

A 6 Mbps Internet service is ideal for basic Internet use.  If you only use your email and social media, this service is the perfect speed.

9Mbps $59

Our 9 Mbps is the ideal entry level Internet connection with a low price with enough speed to browse the internet and watch your favorite movie online without the buffering.

12Mbps $69

Our 12 Mbps is ideal for medium sized families that love to surf the Internet.  If you surf the Internet, have multiple devices on at the same time and stream your favorite episodes; then this package is perfect for you!

15Mbps $79

Welcome Power User!  Our 15Mbps is the ideal Internet connection for you.  Are you a Gamer, have multiple devices, stream video, or work from home?  No problem, this connection has plenty of bandwidth for all of your needs.

10Mbps/10Mbps $89

Our 10 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up is an ideal internet connection for customers that want fast outbound speeds.  This is perfect for Gamers, Home Office, or if you email large files.  Perfect for VPN services that connect you to your main office.

15Mbps/15Mbps $109

Want even faster speeds….you got it!  Our 15 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up is ideal for customers that need a faster connection to the Internet.  Ideal for Gamers, Large Families, and Home Business.

20Mbps/20Mbps $129

Say hello to the land of SPEED!  Our 20 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up is ideal for customers that want faster Internet speeds.  If you can have the bandwidth, why not get it!  Ideal for Home Office and Business, VPN connection to your main office, and Power Game use.

Gigabeam Internet is honored to give a 10% discount on monthly services for qualified Seniors and Veterans!

*WiFi routers available for an additional fee.

*A site survey is required for pre-qualification.