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Our Story

Gigabeam’s story starts with a problem.  The owner of Gigabeam, Jason Telles had a problem of slow Internet and high priced satellite TV.  Living out in the rural areas in any part of the United States has its benefits, but when it comes to technology, it is very limited.  The reason is because the larger national carriers (phone companies) have a low priority to invest in smaller rural communities.  Their priorities are typically on the larger markets like Seattle or Portland, where the latest in fiber optics is deployed.  The owner of Gigabeam has 20 years of telecommunication experience, and knew first hand how the lack of technological investment in small rural communities affected the surrounding areas economy.

Most homes and businesses outside the city limits have limited choices for Internet and TV, which typically included high priced Internet and TV service.  Most homes currently have an antenna on one side of the house for Internet, and another satellite dish on the other side of the house for TV; along with receiving two separate bills and contracts from a national TV provider.

Gigabeam has developed an Enterprise Grade network with the latest in wireless technology to deliver High Speed Internet and TV services over one signal.  This means no more clutter on the roof, and one low monthly bill with an average of 30%-40% in savings from a Locally Owned Company.


Our Approach

Gigabeam believes in Internet for all.  This is why Gigabeam is dedicated to our residential and business customers in the Yakima Valley, by delivering High Speed Internet to the rural underserved areas of the Yakima Valley and beyond. We have strategically placed our infrastructure to deliver the latest in wireless and fiber optic technology.  Along with our Internet; Gigabeam also offers a wide range of additional services like IPTV, Phone service, I.T. Managed Services, Cloud Server Options, Office 365, and many more services that would benefit your home or business.


Meet the Team

Gigabeam’s team is dedicated in providing the best experience for our customers.  We are committed to the community of the Yakima Valley.  Gigabeam is dedicated to the improvements of the Yakima Valley’s technical infrastructure by identifying where the needs are, and building High Speed Internet to those underserved areas.

Jason Telles

Network & Operations 

Jason Telles Jr

Lead Field Tech